Hi! This website is my collection of projects, puzzles, classes, talks, events, and experiences that have been important to me. Read more about me here, or check out a post below.

exRNA Atlas: Publication in Cell

04 Apr 2019—Publication of my work in Gerstein Lab on the exRNA Atlas (dimensionality reduction, visualization, and deconvolution)

Anki for Medical School

11 Feb 2019—A flashcard app that I've found amazingly effective for medical school studying

Road to HST

20 Apr 2018—Very happy to be joining the Health Sciences & Technology program at Harvard-MIT!

Introduction to R

04 Jan 2018—Quick guide to getting started with scripting and statistical analysis in R

Probability Problems

28 Aug 2017—A compilation of my favorite problems in probability and statistics

Logic Puzzles

28 Aug 2017—A compilation of some of my logic puzzles across all areas; none requires math

MB&B 452: Biological Data Science

18 May 2017—Sequence alignment, functional genomics, database design, molecular-dynamics, biological networks, and data integration.

CPSC 453: Machine Learning for Biology

17 Dec 2016—Dimensionality reduction, spectral methods, linkage clustering, community detection, kernel methods, entropy, mutual information, and neural networks