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08 May 2018 » James Diao » New Haven, CT

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Over my four years at Yale, I've taken around 40 classes across a range of topics. Most were for my majors: Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry (MB&B) and Statistics & Data Science (S&DS). Others, like my modern essay-writing class, were just for fun. All of them are tabulated below. Syllabus information is linked to course titles, and notes for a few classes are included at the bottom.

Freshman Fall CHEM 124 Organic
Chem I
CHEM 222L Organic
Chem Lab I
BIOL 101/102 Biology I PLSC 281 Bioethics HLTH 230
Global Health
Spring CHEM 125 Organic
Chem II
CHEM 223L Organic
Chem Lab II
BIOL 103/104 Biology II MATH 120 Multivariable Calculus ENGL 114 Writing Seminar
Sophomore Fall SPAN 110 Spanish I MB&B 300 Biochem I PHYS 180
Physics I (Mechanics)
PHYS 165L Physics Lab I S&DS 238 Probability & Statistics
Spring SPAN 120 Spanish II MB&B 301 Biochem II ER&M 217
Latino/a Studies
PHYS 166L Physics Lab II
Junior Fall CHEM 332 Physical Chemistry MATH 222 Linear
CPSC 453
Machine Learning in Biology
ENGL 120
Writing the Modern Essay
MB&B 470 Research
Spring S&DS 242 Theory of Statistics S&DS 230
Data Analysis
MB&B 452 Biological Data Science PHYS 181 Physics II
MB&B 471 Research
Senior Fall S&DS 491 Senior Thesis CPSC 470 Artificial Intelligence PSYC 235 Research Methods BENG 355L Physiology Lab
Spring MB&B 490 Senior Thesis MB&B 302 Biophysics CPSC 200 Information Systems S&DS 365
Data Mining & Machine Learning
MUSI 175 Mathematics of Music

My notes over the years are linked below. Some are quite long and might take 5-10 seconds to load.

  1. PDF Icon CHEM 124: Freshman Organic Chemistry I
  2. PDF Icon CHEM 125: Freshman Organic Chemistry II
  3. PDF Icon MB&B 300: Principles of Biochemistry Ia (Macromolecules)
  4. PDF Icon MB&B 300: Principles of Biochemistry Ib (Metabolism)
  5. PDF Icon MB&B 301: Principles of Biochemistry IIa (Central Dogma)
  6. PDF Icon MB&B 301: Principles of Biochemistry IIb (Gene Expression)
  7. PDF Icon MB&B 452: Biological Data Science
  8. PDF Icon CPSC 453: Machine Learning in Biology
  9. PDF Icon CPSC 470: Artificial Intelligence I (Classical AI)

Other notes (not my own):

  1. PDF Icon S&DS 238: Probability and Statistics
  2. PDF Icon S&DS 351: Stochastic Processes

Summary sheets:

  1. PDF Icon STAT 238: Probability and Statistics

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