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30 Jul 2018 » James Diao » Boston, MA

HST Word Cloud

Although I haven't actually taken many classes at HMS yet, the fixed course schedule of medical school means I have a pretty good idea what to expect. There's less diversity than in undergrad, but I'm very excited to focus in on medicine. I'm especially excited about some of HST's unique science/engineering offerings. Word cloud generated from HST course summaries.

M1 Summer HST 015 MATLAB for Medicine HST 190
Intro to Biostatistics
IN 555
Intro to the Profession
Fall HST 010 Human Anatomy HST 030
Human Pathology
HST 146 Biochemistry & Metabolism HST 160
Medical Genetics
HST 162 Molecular Diagnostics HST 175 Immunology
Winter HST 020 Musculoskeletal HST 164 Biomedical Imaging PWY 110 Essentials of the Profession
Spring HST 060 Endocrinology HST 080 Hematology HST 090 Cardiology HST 100 Respiratory HST 110
IN 590
Healthcare Management
M2 Fall HST 040 Microbial
HST 070 Reproductive Biology HST 120 Gastroenterology HST 130 Neuroscience
Spring HST 150 Pharmacology HST 194 Clinical Epidemiology HST 200
Intro to Clinical Medicine
PS 700 Psychopathology
M3 Year Principal Clinical Experience and Core Clerkships
(Medicine, Neurology, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Primary Care, Psychiatry, Radiology, Surgery)
M4 Year Advanced Clinical and Science Electivesa
(Clinical and Course Electives, Sub-Internships, Research)

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